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June 21, 2005

2005 National Championships Results!

TRFC was well represented at the 2005 National Championships in Sacramento!  Congratulations especially to Nadine Obermiller for winning the Gold Medal in the Veteran Over 60 Womens Epee Event!  Nadine will represent the USA in the World Veteran Championships in Florida this September.  Other finishes to note:

Silver Medal for Megan Ross in the Division II Womens Epee, and top-24 finish in Under 19 Womens Epee.

Top-16 finish for Annie Jackson in Division I-A Womens Foil.

Top-16 finish for Tristan Jackson in Division III Mens Foil.

Top-12 finish for Dana Rosen in Division III Womens Foil, and Top-24 finishes in Under 16 and Youth 14 Womens Foil.

Top-24 finish for Rachel Stonehirsch in Youth 12 Womens Foil.

Below are our complete results for our competitors:

Stephen Baker - 76(Youth 14 Mens Foil)
Erica Bednar - 82(Under 16 Womens Foil), 117(Division II Womens Foil), 130(Division III Womens Foil)
Frankie Bontempo - 40(Division I-A Mens Foil)
Joshua Grill - 96(Youth 14 Mens Foil), 67(Youth 12 Mens Foil)
Anne-Martine Jackson - 14(Division I-A Womens Foil), 20(Division II Womens Foil)
Tristan Jackson - 58(Division II Mens Foil), 14(Division III Mens Foil)
Nadine Obermiller - 1(Veteran 60 Womens Epee), 116(Division III Womens Epee)
Jim Roberts - 36(Veteran 50 Mens Foil)
Dana Rosen - 20(Youth 14 Womens Foil), 23(Under 16 Womens Foil), 47(Division II Womens Foil), 9(Division III Womens Foil)
Megan Ross - 34(Division I-A Womens Epee), 24(Under 19 Womens Epee), 2(Division II Womens Epee)
Rachel Stonehirsch - 68(Youth 14 Womens Foil), 18(Youth 12 Womens Foil)

Iana Dakova coached our fencers in Sacramento.  Congratulations to everyone who competed, and thank you, Iana!  Thanks also to coaches Charles Murphy and Yuri Chtchourakov, who helped make these fine results possible.

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