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August 16, 2003

What to Wear to Class/Camp?

People often ask us, "What do I wear to my Fencing Class?"


Fencing is extremely athletic!  Therefore, please wear a t-shirt or athletic top, tennis shoes, and pants that allow you to lunge and move (warm-up pants, sweat pants, yoga pants, or similar).  The fencing jackets have long sleeves, so snug fitting tops with short or no sleeves are best.


There are bathrooms and a water fountain very near our Modern Olympic Fencing gym, but feel free to bring your own water bottle to stay hydrated!  Our gym is climate controlled, so we are comfortable all times of the year, but once you get moving, you will sweat!  Experienced fencers keep a golf-sized towel in their gear bag, so feel free to bring a towel along if you wish.


Following these few simple guidelines will make your class or camp even more enjoyable!

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